Monday, April 21, 2014

Kimono Kool

Hey fashionable friends,
I guess you would say this outfit screams music festival. I will actually be going to multiple shows this week, so I am pretty excited about that! Especially, since Bastille is one of the bands I'll be seeing at EdgeFest(love them). Fashion-wise, I actually bought this kimono last summer and can you believe I never wore it till now? I don't even know how that happened haha. Anyways, my friend Jarynn insisted on me trying on her awesome sunglasses and I think they pretty much top off the outfit. Thanks girl! Have a good Monday guys!

xoxo Hope

H&M Kimono
Sway Chic Backpack
Thrifted Shorts
Love Culture hat
Gifted ring
Jarynn's sunglasses

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thrifted Threads

Just a shot of some of the recent thrifted items I purchased! 

xoxo Hope

Blue Belle

Hey fashionable friends,
Yesterday's outfit was a pretty retro one. After thrifting that dress I realized my mom's vintage choker was the perfect combination. I've been really into layering necklaces lately and did so to emphasize the pretty embroidery on the dress. Actually come to think of it, this outfit is very reminsent of my mother. She's always had this sense of earthiness not only in her personality, but outfits as well. Also she especially loved living in the 70's era. When I was younger I used to hang out in my mom's sewing room all the time and listen to her disco records while watching her sew,knit, and embroider. She used to make a lot of my clothing as a kid as well as Halloween costumes.What I just described is probably one of my favorite childhood memories. I've seen my mom countless time wear embroidered peasant tops(she really loves that look) so I guess you'd say this post is dedicated to her. I love you Mom.

xoxo Hope

Thrifted Boots
Thrifted Dress
Mom's Choker
Forever21 accessories