Monday, October 27, 2014


xoxo Hope

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Hey fashionable friends,
My outfit for this casual Saturday included my new, favorite pair of jeans from Buffalo Exchange. This past summer I starting eating vegan due to health issues, later looking at the animal welfare side of it. A couple weeks ago I went to Buffalo Exchange and gave away all my non-vegan clothing(big step for me). It was such a good feeling to give it all away! I also replaced my cosmetics and am really happy with my new lifestyle! I might do some posts based on vegan fashion, whatcha think? 

xoxo Hope

jacket c/o Aerpostale
H&M top
Brandy Mellville bralette
Kate Spade high-waisted spotted jeans via Buffalo Exchange

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Photos by: Korlee Carruthers & Bailey Brewer
Hey fashionable friends,
Today me and Bailey decided to coordinate in outfits. We actually do this quite often and we already have similar styles, so it's easy to do. I'm thinking I might make a segment out of this? Maybe girl+guy style? An update on my life: really I've just been studying and hanging with friends and just booked my ticket for Chicago this winter break. I also know what I want to be for Halloween this year! I'm pretty stoked about my costume and will have a post on it, so stay tuned for that.

xoxo Hope

Thrifted bomber jacket
Thrifted top
Urban Outfitters skirt